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I help coaches, healers, and practitioners advance their skills by simple evidence-based techniques and proven frameworks and processes to get coaching clients real and lasting results.

I train busy life coaches transformational processes based on current neuroscience (memory reconsolidation) and evidence-based tools (like EFT/Tapping). With Melissa as your life coaching trainer, you'll stop hitting plateaus with your clients and be able to leave each client session feeling fulfilled. 

The Coaching Catalyst, our monthly membership, is much more than training you to use transformational life coaching tools.

You'll also learn how to:

All while have the accountability and support you've been looking for.

I'm here for you. We get together each week for group coaching, once a month for the Tap into Money workshop, and also practice coaching sessions (free to the public!), plus you get written coaching

The coaching world is changing.

Clients want to see real results and by joining the Coaching Catalyst, you can get your clients real results*. 

*What are real results? Real results is seeing your client make progress towards their goal and achieving it within or before the timeframe given. If your client keeps changing their goal, throwing you (and them) off your strategy, I can help you refine your progress. You'll have trackable markers of progress and knowing exactly what to do next (and how to move through it if it's uncomfortable).

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Hey! I'm so glad you're here, coach 😉 

For the past decade, I've had much success as a coach, guiding clients across various niches to achieve their goals. 

But my passion has always gone beyond coaching it dives deep into the fascinating neuroscience behind change. I've been asking questions like. "HOW does this "change" work in our brain and how can we use it to our advantage?"

Did you know EFT/Tapping can deactivate the amygdala, essentially turning off your fight-or-flight response? (view study here!)

Imagine knowing how to set up coaching sessions without the prep-time. How much more freedom would you have if you didn't need to constantly "prep" for your client session? 

I'm here to bridge the gap between the latest research in science and practical coaching applications. No struggling with dense textbooks – I translate the science into actionable AND SIMPLE strategies.

Leave every coaching session feeling fulfilled, knowing you've made a true impact on your client's life. 

We are the visionaries, the leaders redefining the coaching industry, not just for coaches, but for wellness professionals, health practitioners, and life coaches alike. 

The Coaching Catalyst's path leads to real, lasting results for you and your clients. It's time to move beyond symptom management. Let's address the root cause! 

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We're busy designing the Coaching Catalyst for busy coaches like yourself. We are providing real tools and techniques and ways to support you during this process. You'll be able to come and go as you please at a price you can afford (plus it's tax deductible for your business as continuing education! Always talk to who prepares your taxes to ensure this qualifies for your certain situation, this is not legal or tax advice but awareness this could be a possibility for you).

We always welcome feedback! Thank you for your support.

You took the leap. You're a coach! 

Your dream has been to help others feel better and get their life to a place they want to be.

What an incredible gift to give to others!

But now that you're getting clients...

~ You're starting to realize the worksheets you have, don't magically induce transformation

~ You're getting stuck when your client gets stuck

~ You get triggered when your client becomes distressed and aren't sure how to help them calm down


You know that a limiting belief is causing the surface symptom...but how can you actually clear away the belief?

You can, for the most part, uncover their core belief...but then what? And how can you uncover it every time?

Your zone of genius is your niche. For example, you're a health coach that focuses on hormones and gut health. Hormones and gut health is your zone of genius. Now how do you help your clients that have mental blocks preventing them from actually breaking old habits? Your clients are coming to you because they want your help. If they could have done it on their own, they would have.

This is what the Coaching Catalyst is for.

To help you be a better coach.

To help you understand human behavior and how to work WITH the brain (not against it).

To help you enhance your coaching presence and be seen as a visionary and leader in your industry.

To help you feel so confident in helping your client with any problem they throw your way.

The Coaching Catalyst has everything you need to help you master your coaching skills at a deep level so you can facilitate transformational coaching sessions over and over.

The Coaching Catalyst is great for coaches looking to:


Interested in becoming a member in the Coaching Catalyst Membership when the doors open?

Email and let me know what excites YOU about raising industry standards and you'll be added to the waitlist.

*Private sessions are only available to Coaching Catalyst Members

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