Imagine having a tiny voice in your head whispering “You can’t do this” every time you step out of your comfort zone, even though half of you is grasping for more.

EFT Tapping, a somatic healing technique, can help you neutralize that voice. 

This gentle technique, by gently stimulating specific acupressure points while acknowledging those limiting beliefs, helps release their emotional intensity. 

It's like clearing a mental roadblock, paving the way for increased confidence that comes naturally, more focus on what you enjoy doing, and a surge of motivation. 

No longer weighed down by looping thoughts that stop you, you can approach your goals with clarity and unhindered momentum, ready to tap into your true potential (literally) and celebrate along the way. We’re living in the times of “and”. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Are you ready to discover EFT Tapping?

It’s so simple to learn you can use it yourself right when you leave.

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Upcoming Events

Network & Nourish 


Mid July Date Coming SOON

Craving Connection & Clarity? Join our Network & Nourish Workshop!

Connect with like-minded business owners and set yourself up for success next month. This fun and intentional event focuses on building real relationships and generating referrals

Here's what you'll experience:

Leave feeling inspired, connected, and ready to crush your goals!

Hosted by Melissa Etzler Certified EFT/Tapping Practitioner and Heather Chesnic Spiritual Life Coach

Location TBD

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Tap Into Money 


On-going monthly EFT/Tapping Workshop to clear limiting beliefs and mental blocks around money so you can receive MORE.

Workshop free for Coaching Catalyst members.

$35 for non-members

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Practice Coaching Sessions


Monthly Practice Coaching available.

Get feedback on your coaching skills. We coach on REAL topics and get REAL results with these practice sessions. The only difference is that there will be immediate feedback during the session.

Free for the public

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